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What is Final Expense Insurance? (Burial Insurance)

Final Expense Insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to cover all the expenses of your beloved after their death. The final expenses, including the medical bills, unpaid debts, and also the funeral expenses. This insurance is also known as BURIAL INSURANCE or END-ofLIFE INSURANCE. (more Info)

We are sorry to say, but even the naked-bones funerals cost much more than you think. The expenses can be in thousands of dollars. You have to count all the aspects of the insurance policy before choosing the right plan. Here comes the need for a professional insurance company/agent that can help you to get the ideal insurance for your needs.

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We know the feeling of losing someone. This can immensely be a difficult experience to face. However, picking up the pieces while dealing with the concomitant emotions can be much stressful. But there are also many expenses that associates with the death that can average, exceeds approximately $10,000.

However, without getting final expense life insurance policy, a family can face the problems at the time of burying their loved ones.  In this case, it becomes very much vital to collect the required funds quickly. We don’t want you to sale your precious assets and withdraw savings from bank to bury your loved one.

For this, we have made things much easier for you. Now you can get a Final Expense Quote in less than one minute.

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What final expense Life Insurance covers?

Final expense life insurance is almost a typical type of altered whole life insurance. However, this type of insurance is not liked by most of the people. The reason behind this, it is much pricier than another form of insurances and provides the less coverage. This insurance policy helps you to pay all the expenses of your late beloved ones. The costs can be the money left to your loved one, burial expenses, and many others.

Note: It is essential to know that your family can use the insurance money the way they wish.

A Final expense insurance policy covers the 5 main categories including:

  1. Debts
  2. Medical expenses
  3. Funeral and burial services
  4. Cremation
  5. After-funeral expenses

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