Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance is a form of supplemental health insurance coverage that pays out if you’re diagnosed with cancer.

What is Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance helps you pay for unexpected expenses after a cancer diagnosis. It is supplemental insurance coverage that provides a lump sum of cash you can use for any purpose*, such as medical treatments, living expenses, and transportation services. You may be ineligible for coverage if you have already been diagnosed with cancer.

Some of the Benefits

An affordable cancer insurance policy offers the following benefits:

  • Up to $75,000 in coverage
  • Freedom to use the cash payment in any way*
  • Full refund available during the free look period


Why wait for the unexpected, be prepared for what life brings you.


Why wait for the unexpected, be prepared for what life brings you.

Premium Options

You have two options for how long you pay your premium:

Life Pay- Pay premiums for life of the policy or until claim is filed.
20-Year-Plan- Pay premiums for 20 years (without lapse). Coverage continues with no additional premiums required.


Are there any types of cancer not covered?

This Cancer Insurance Policy only pays benefits for a first diagnosis of cancer in an internal organ – for example, cancer of the breast, lung, or liver. The only skin cancer covered is malignant melanoma. All other skin cancers aren’t covered.

How is the benefit paid?

When first diagnosed with invasive cancer or malignant melanoma, you submit a claim form with the required diagnosis information. Once we receive all required information, we issue a check to you or your designee – usually within a week. This check is a one-time, lump-sum payment. The benefit can be used for any purpose the insured or designee chooses.

Will my premiums increase with time?

Premiums are intended to be level throughout the life of the Cancer Insurance Policy. Premiums will increase only if the premiums for all policies in that state are increased. Any such increase must be approved by the appropriate state authority.

It’s quick and easy to get a Cancer insurance quote schedule your appointment and start saving.

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